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Vendor Market Rules

Market Objectives::

The theme is Farm Fresh, local New Jersey!

Provide the best community one-stop market serving the people of Old Bridge Township and surrounding areas. To provide a high level of communication and interaction with customers and vendors, with vendors bringing the best stuff at great prices to customers at the same time maximizing their profitability. 


To maximize each vendor's profitability, product and service duplication is avoided. Some overlap of vendor offerings may be allowed at the discretion of the market manager. Vendors must therefore accurately declare the products and services being offered


Vendors can apply for and be allotted spaces which are a multiple of 10' in width.

Canopies or tables only structures are allowed.

The market management reserves the right to group vendor types in the most optimal fashion.

Preferential spots are given based on vendor sign up dates and in order of the sign up priorities above.

As much as is practical, vendor spots will remain the same throughout the market.

Vendors should make every effort to be setup at least one hour before start time.

Vendors must stay for the duration of the market session. Early exit may be accommodated at the discretion of the market manager.


Vendors should sign this agreement and submit it as soon as possible.

The paperwork required by the Township and County authorities must be submitted to the market manager first for vetting.  The market manager will send those documents promptly to the requisite authorities for approval. Once approved, the vendor will be notified and payment of fees must be made directly to those authorities.

Food vendors must provide the required paperwork to meet the Health and Fire Prevention requirements of the township and pay fee the appropriate fees. [Seasonal discount rates are being negotiated with the township at this time]. Copies of these document can be downloaded from the website http://www.obfresmarket.com

It is the responsibility of each vendor to individually ensure they have the required liability insurance to cover their participation in the market. Vendors are required to send a copy to the market manager

It is the responsibility of each vendor to individually collect and submit, to the required government agency, the required sales taxes.

Vendor Types

Farm Produce:

Before local NJ farm produce is available at the market, produce from other sources are allowed.  This will serve as a convieniece to market shoppers especially at the beginning of the season.

Once NJ local produce is available at the market, resale of products that overlap will not be allowed.

Example: The market opens in May.  NJ tomatoes are not available until July.  Sales of tomatoes from other sources are allowed in May June and until local produce comes to and is available at the OBFM market


On site food prep is referred. 

Food prepared off site must be done so  in accordance with the township and state regulations.

All foods offered to the public must meet the Health Department standard.  The proper paperwork must be submitted in advance and the appropriate fees paid for inspection at the market

On site prep ; approved portable gas stoves using propane etc. and charcoal grills allowed. Must meet fire department standards and proper paperwork submitted in advance and the appropriate fees paid for inspection at the market

Please view safe food handling guidelines available for download from the OBFMF website.

Arts & Crafts

Locally made unique products are preferred but no limitation is placed.


To make the market a one stop location, special outdoor services are encouraged. E.G. Short time massages,  knife sharpening etc.


Acoustic bands  or players, i.e. those not requiring external on-site electrical power will be accommodated at all markets.

Other bands may be accommodated with power generators situated and rigged to a very low noise level which is acceptable.

For special events we will make the arrangements for a stage & basic electric power.  Bands may be required to bring their own sound equipment.


Fax: 732-416-9978

email: info@obfreshmarket.com

Cell phone: 732-642-9487